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Steam Generator Technology by Langson Energy

Langson Energy’s Steam Machine is an industrial steam generator  that is an economically viable solution to improving energy efficiency and recovering energy from waste heat and waste steam. It works with various types of steam and waste heat in many different industrial processes – especially those with saturated steam. It utilizes helical screw technology, which has been an integral part of the compressor business for over 100 years. By investing years of research and true entrepreneurial and inventive spirit, Mr. Richard Langson has developed another method for converting wasted energy into low cost power. This advanced Steam Machine will dramatically improve the economics of green energy opportunities.

The Steam Machine has significantly lower capital costs than other steam turbines. By integrating Langson Energy technology with components that have a proven history of reliable, robust, low-maintenance performance, Langson has solved the challenges of expensive steam turbine solutions to generating power. Traditional turbines have been the accepted method for generating power from steam pressure for many years. However, their high capital costs and difficulty in handling fluctuations in pressures and flow rates as well as problems with wet steam have proven to be significant hurdles to running sources with inconsistent conditions, saturated, contaminated steam, two-phase fluids and geothermal brine.

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Steam Generator Parameters specs chart

Waste Steam Generator with steam types ie saturated steam, dry steam

Waste Steam Generator diagram

Steam Flow Graph showing Power Output Generated

Watch it run! Green energy from Steam and Gas