Mar 2013 – Steam Machine instantly makes power at SMU

Langson Energy Steam Machine Instantly Makes Clean Electricity
at Southern Methodist University

CARSON CITY, Nev. USA / Mar 19, 2013 — Langson Energy Inc. (LEI) of Carson City, Nevada, successfully created clean power using its newest green technology, the Steam Machine, at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

The Steam Machine made its world debut at the sixth annual Geothermal Energy Utilization Conference held March 12-14 on the SMU campus in Dallas, Texas. Langson’s low cost, scalable clean energy production units are significant to the global energy landscape because traditional turbines have substantial problems with saturated steam, but the Steam Machine seamlessly converts it to power.

SMU Steam Machine Debut
On Wednesday, March 13, energy tech inventor and LEI founder Richard Langson presented, “Water and Steam Applications of the Langson Helical Screw Energy Converter,” a paper written by his colleague Dr. Ron DiPippo, author of four major books including, Geothermal Power Plants: Principles, Applications and Case Studies.

Following Langson’s presentation he unveiled his newest low cost clean energy technology to the world and led three heavily attended live demonstrations of the Steam Machine.

Langson reported, “The first Steam Machine was unloaded and installed on SMU’s campus boilers in less than two hours and was dismantled and packed for shipping in an hour and a half – a simple and easy retrofit. Our technology instantly produced clean power using surplus saturated steam. Power is generated for as low as two cents per kilowatt.”

Langson’s insight into compression and expansion technology was developed while building and driving his race cars. His top fuel car, the “Texas Ranger,” still holds a world record. Langson went on to win the 1993 IHRA World Championship by beating “Big Daddy” Don Garlits. This drag racer brings the same world champion mentality to the world of energy efficiency.

The Steam Machine is the second product LEI has introduced from its steam and gas turbo-expanders line. By replacing pressure reduction valves (PRVs) with the Steam Machine, significant power is produced that would otherwise be wasted. Larger LEI units can power 1,000 to 5,000 homes per Steam Machine. Langson Energy’s technology is integrated with proven components that have a history of reliable, robust, low-maintenance performance. Langson has solved the challenges of expensive steam turbine solutions for generating power. Traditional turbines have been the accepted method for generating power from steam pressure for many years. However, high capital costs and difficulty in handling wet steam have proven to be significant hurdles to running saturated, contaminated steam, two-phase fluids and geothermal brine. The Steam Machine has significantly lower capital costs than all other steam turbines. The LEI Gas Letdown Generator (GLG), developed earlier, won the bronze Edison Award, for “Best New Green Technology.” The GLG converts natural gas letdown pressure to power like the Steam Machine converts various steam types to power. In addition, the product line has been approved by the Department of Defense for use on military bases.

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Langson Energy Incorporated (LEI) of Carson City, Nev., develops exceptionally efficient and unique clean power conversion systems. LEI’s power units are economically viable solutions to improving energy efficiency and recovering energy from waste pressure, heat and waste steam. The technology works with various types of pressure or steam and waste heat from many different industrial processes. Langson Energy products utilize helical screw technology, which has been an integral part of the compressor business for over 100 years. By investing years of research and true entrepreneurial and inventive spirit, inventor and LEI founder Richard Langson has developed several methods for converting wasted energy into low cost power. Find out more at or

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