Feb 2011 – Introduction of the Gas Letdown Generator


Langson Energy, Inc. Introduces
the Gas Letdown Generator

Carson City, NV (February 15, 2011) – Richard Langson, a Nevada inventor and owner of
Langson Energy, Inc. is introducing his newest invention to market: the Gas Letdown

Langson has been able to overcome the challenges of high capital costs, high maintenance
and expensive implementations that have rendered previous attempts at producing power
from the energy in the pressure of natural gas pipelines. In Gas Pressure Reduction Stations
and city gates, natural gas is traditionally directed through pressure reduction valves. Langson
Energy’s Gas Letdown Generator, however, provides an efficient alternative that makes use
of the stored energy, converting the pressure into usable electricity for a mere 1/2 cent per
kW. For more information on the Gas Letdown Generator, visit www.langsonenergy.com.


Langson is not new to innovation. With his previous patents, he was recipient of the Wall
Street Journal’s 2009 Energy Technology Innovation award, the 2009 Entrepreneur of the
Year, Popular Science Magazine’s 2008 Best of “What’s New” award and the Geothermal
Energy Association’s 2007 award for Best of Show and Best Paper, “Cost Effective Small
Scale ORC Systems for Power Recovery from Low Enthalpy Geothermal Resources,”
among others.

Langson will be debuting the Gas Letdown Generator at Gastech 2011, taking place March 21-
24 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Always an innovator and performance orientated person, Langson became interested in
cogeneration in 2001 to spearhead new projects and business development. Some of his
technical innovations included annual oil change systems, a series of “clean burn” natural gas
engines, high tech control systems and state of the art heat exchangers.
Langson has proven his talent as a world champion entrepreneur and innovator for more than
four decades in business. He is also a world champion race car builder and driver, beating
“Big Daddy” Don Garlits for the 1993 IHRA World Championship He set many world records,
some still stand today.
Langson intends to grow Langson Energy in Carson City, and keep it where his roots are.
“Carson City has been our home and we intend to keep our business and jobs here,” Langson
says. “We’ll construct our headquarters, along with our R&D facility within the next two
years.” The company will eventually employ upwards of 130 people.
The Langson family has been prominent in Carson City for more than 60 years – they are
former owners of the Carson Hot Springs, where Langson bottled and sold spring water for
more than 20 years. They still own the Parkway Manor Apartments and other real estate
holdings, and they contributed to the new cancer wing at Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare.
For more information on Langson and the Gas Letdown Generator, visit