Why remote monitoring?

Many pipeline operators wish they had more visibility and control over various stages of their operations. With the Gas Letdown Generator’sTM remote monitoring and control capability, an operator now has remote visibility of the status of their operations and better ability to control pressures and flows. All units will have SCADA capable monitoring and control systems included.

How is Cooling a benefit?

The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM will naturally cool any waste stream used as a fuel source through the natural processes inherent in expansion.  Significant reductions in temperature of the waste stream have been documented in our research and development center.  Every situation and implementation will have their own specific characteristics, but the improved efficiencies and reduced cooling costs will benefit many industrial and power generation processes.

Lower capital costs?

The capital cost of the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM is significantly less than competitive green energy solutions. We modify readily available and proven off the shelf components, keeping the capital investment to implement our equipment to a fraction of what would be required for a turbine installation. Helical screw technology has a proven track record of literally millions of hours of operation and tens of thousands of installations worldwide. It has proven itself to be reliable, durable and truly cost effective. Additionally, this is a Total Flow GeneratorTM, there are no heat exchangers, no organic medium to transfer energy thus isentropic efficiencies in excess of 60% can and have been routinely achieved.