What is the Cost of making Power with the Gas Letdown Generator?

The operating costs of the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM are lower than that of turbines and much less than alternative forms of green energy. In fact, the only routine maintenance required is a bearing inspection and replacement every 50,000 hours. Our engine will run for countless hours, trouble-free, providing extremely low maintenance and operational costs with significant advantages in durability and for handling contaminants.

Turbines are traditionally very susceptible to contamination due to their high speeds and low tolerances. The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM does not suffer from these limitations as it can handle contaminants that would damage a turbine in many situations. Additionally, we apply a patented coating to the screws, depending on the requirements of the installation, allowing an even broader range of gases and contaminants.

The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM has the ability to handle fluctuations in temperature, flow and pressure with no adverse affects on the equipment. Although power production efficiency is directly tied to pressure and flows, the GLGTM handles fluctuations easily and with no adverse impact. The lower capital cost structure of the GLGTM allows any installation to scale their investment to better match year round flows and pressures. No longer is a producer tied to a massive turbine budget and a massive installation necessary to support such an investment.

What generation capacity is available?

Langson Energy currently offers various sizes including 250 kW, 500 kW, 1MW and 5 MW units.  Lower capital investment and our equipment’s modular and compact design allow for the ability to create parallel, expandable and redundant power generation capabilities on a distributed basis. On those sites with sufficient flows and pressures to warrant it, multiple units can be deployed in parallel for power outputs to 50 MW and beyond.