What is the Gas Letdown Generator?

The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM is an efficient, power generating system that makes electricity from waste pressure. It is capable of directly utilizing and exploiting the energy in waste pressure from virtually any source without expensive, efficiency-reducing heat exchangers or organic mediums to transfer energy.

Power production efficiencies approximate those produced by turbines (isentropic efficiencies exceeding 60%) without the narrow operating parameters required by those devices (little fluctuations in pressures and flows). The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM is a positive displacement device and is unaffected by variations in pressures and flows.

Capable of directly utilizing the pressure in natural gas, wet steam, dry steam, geothermal fluids and many other waste streams, the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM provides significant economic and performance advantages over traditional and non-traditional waste energy capture devices.

What can be used to make power?

The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM is unique in that it will directly accept many renewable or waste streams or “fuel” sources that must be “pre-processed” by other power generation equipment. For example, steam turbines require 100% dry steam to generate power. The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM has patented internal coatings to allow it to directly accept and process natural gas, dry steam, wet steam, two-phase and geothermal fluids and many other sources of pressure to make power. Examples of renewable and wasted energy sources include:

  • Natural gas pressure reduction stations, city gates
  • Oil and Gas Geo-pressure
  • Petrochemical and Industrial Waste Streams, steam, gases
  • Steam

What is Base Load Green Power?

One of the challenges facing the expansion of green energy production is the number of methods providing intermittent power production rather than base load power. Utilities need reliable stable power for their local grids, and Langson’s Gas Letdown GeneratorsTM are capable of providing just that, 24/7 green energy with no carbon emissions and no fossil fuels.