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Langson Energy’s patent pending Air Energy Storage SystemTM (AESS) presents a total solution for generating and storing clean energy while conditions are favorable for producing energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind or pressure reduction. When more energy is generated than can be used, our AESS captures and stores that energy for later use with an adiabatic process.   When there is a demand for low-cost renewable energy use during peak hours or emergency energy is needed, our AESS turns the stored energy into clean, low-cost, distributed electricity.  The AESS stores energy by compressing air or gases through a dual expander/compressor or dual radial inflow turbine coupled to a dual motor/generator.  This compressed, renewable energy is sent to an insulated gunite storage vessel to store the pressure and heat from compression and then returns the hot air/gas back through the expander generator in reverse to generate electricity to supplement renewable power for use during peak hours, national defense and natural disasters.

Energy Storage System White Paper


Langson Energy, Inc. was selected by Kenya Electricity Generating Limited (KenGen), producer of around 80% of the power consumed in Kenya, to conduct a green technology feasibility study for their Olkaria Geothermal Power Plant.  KenGen has been searching for a specialized genset that can be installed upstream as a topping unit capable of accepting high […]

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S Dakota Ethanol Plant Steam Machine Demonstration

Langson Energy Inc. (LEI) awed over 100 onlookers over a 2-day period as they invited city officials, ethanol plant operators and owners to witness how they use waste steam pressure to make green electricity at an ethanol plant in South Dakota. This is the first time this award-winning company’s latest green steam technology has been […]

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May 2012 – Langson Energy receives prestigious Edison Award

Carson City-based Langson Energy recently received the prestigious Edison Award, Bronze for Best New Green Product for the Langson Energy Gas Letdown Generator. Chris Coté, executive vice president, and Richard Langson, founder and innovator, represented the company at The25th annual Edison Awards, on April 26 in NYC. The award was in recognition of the Langson […]

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Mar 2012 – GLG Testing Completed at Third-Party Lab

Carson City, Nevada (March 27, 2012) – The Langson Energy Gas Letdown GeneratorTM has completed testing in Elite Energy’s Test Lab for natural gas letdown power generation. The GLG utilizes helical screw technology to generate power from natural gas pressure reduction. It is designed to work in conjunction with existing natural gas pressure reduction stations […]

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