Author: Dan Driscoll

What is Base Load Green Power?

One of the challenges facing the expansion of green energy production is the number of methods providing intermittent power production rather than base load power. Utilities need reliable stable power for their local grids, and Langson’s Gas Letdown GeneratorsTM are capable of providing just that, 24/7 green energy with no carbon emissions and no fossil fuels.

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What is the Cost of making Power with the Gas Letdown Generator?

The operating costs of the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM are lower than that of turbines and much less than alternative forms of green energy. In fact, the only routine maintenance required is a bearing inspection and replacement every 50,000 hours. Our engine will run for countless hours, trouble-free, providing extremely low maintenance and operational costs with significant […]

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How big are your machines?

Our equipment is designed to fit into shipping containers. As you can see from the graphic, we have a very small footprint.

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How do I know what size machine I need?

Please complete a Project Evaluation Form. This provides us with the necessary information to reliably estimate the power generation capability of your resource. We have developed a comprehensive internal model to calculate this using the necessary thermodynamic equations and will gladly provide you with a reliable estimate.

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