May 2012 – Langson Energy receives prestigious Edison Award

Edison Awards Info

Edison Awards Info

Richard and Chris at Edison Awards

Carson City-based Langson Energy recently received the prestigious Edison Award, Bronze for Best New Green Product for the Langson Energy Gas Letdown Generator. Chris Coté, executive vice president, and Richard Langson, founder and innovator, represented the company at The25th annual Edison Awards, on April 26 in NYC.

The award was in recognition of the Langson Energy’s Gas Letdown GeneratorTM which converts wasted kinetic energy in gas pipelines to clean, base-load power with the lowest capital and lowest operating costs of any generation technologies – with no carbon emissions.

“This is just the type of innovation that will lead to the resurgence of our economy,” stated Rob Hooper, executive director of the Northern Nevada Development Authority. He added, “Entrepreneur’s like Langson in developing new technologies is a very effective way to move this economy forward. Our congratulations go to
Langson Energy for being a leader in this new field.”

Langson’s experience with compressors in his top fuel dragster that helped him win the 1993 IHRA World Championship, led him to modify this technology to develop a low-cost generator that could handle conditions that caused other generators to fail. Research confirmed his theory and the Langson GLGTM was born.

The generator was developed to provide the world with green electricity that utilizes wasted or renewable energy to generate low-cost, un-subsidized, clean, sustainable, 24/7 distributed power by converting wasted pressure to green power. Providing value without subsidies is a primary goal for Langson Energy. It also offers the potential to become the first low-cost, distributed source of emergency power.

“Our Gas Letdown GeneratorTM (GLG) will revolutionize the economics of base-load distributed green energy. For very little cost per kW, GLGs can produce 1MW to 100MW for subsidy-free CapEx pay back of just 1 to 3 years,” exclaimed Richard Langson, an innovator who saw an opportunity to use energy wasted, not only in gas pipelines but in other forms of wasted renewable pressure. He envisioned a robust generator that made electricity from kinetic energy in wasted pressure.

“From currently wasted energy in US cities alone, the GLG could provide enough clean electricity to power over 10 million homes – that’s using only the pressure, none of the gas,” explained Coté. She added, “Perhaps more important is the potential of utilizing the energy already stored in underground pipeline and storage domes as a source of emergency power during times of natural disasters or national crisis. If GLGs were on letdown stations across the nation, terawatts of distributed emergency power would be available immediately utilizing existing infrastructure.”

Langson Energy has welcomed visitors to watch the prototype run in its R&D shop in Carson City since 2010. The many gauges display the details of the electricity generated with variations in pressures, temperatures and flow rates. Data runs are maintained and analyzed by staff and third party organizations. Langson Energy has also built a mobile unit which is being offered to potential users such as governments, universities and research facilities who want testing on their own applications.

Visit their to view a YouTube video demonstration or contact Langson Energy at

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