Mar 2012 – GLG Testing Completed at Third-Party Lab

Carson City, Nevada (March 27, 2012) – The Langson Energy Gas Letdown GeneratorTM has completed testing in Elite Energy’s Test Lab for natural gas letdown power generation. The GLG utilizes helical screw technology to generate power from natural gas pressure reduction. It is designed to work in conjunction with existing natural gas pressure reduction stations as a means to capture the energy contained in the pressurized gas.

LEI Test Cell

Research, development and operational testing previously performed by Langson on the GLG had been performed exclusively using compressed air. Langson’s customers requested an independent test using natural gas in order to simulate conditions within the environment being considered for implementation.

A test protocol was developed by a major gas and electric utility in order to demonstrate power output curves from varying gas pressure and flow conditions and gas inlet and outlet temperatures.

Elite Energy Systems, Inc of Carson City, NV, was asked to design and construct a high pressure closed-loop natural gas test environment capable of conducting tests simulating a range of pressures and temperatures and to measure the power output capability of the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM. Designed around equipment supplied by Langson Energy and incorporating a comprehensive collection of instrumentation, safeties and controls, the test loop was completed, tested and became operational in mid March 2012.

“The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM performed as expected and no specific operational issues were encountered while operating on Natural Gas. The Test data shows consistent and predictable trends. The testing indicates that the outlet temperature can be confidently predicted based on inlet conditions and design power can be confidently predicted based on mass flow and pressure ratio,” says Peter Palmer, Elite’s Test Engineer.

About Elite Energy, LLC

Elite is made up of a group of respected industry experts with decades of experience in designing, delivering, and installing CHP systems. Elite’s team comes from major engine companies and their distributors such as Caterpillar, Volvo, and Dresser. Additionally, Elite’s team has worked with CHP systems like DG Energy Solutions, Alturdyne, and Hess. Elite’s campus and energy management offices are located in Carson City, Nevada and includes 33,000 square-foot CHP system production facility, 20,000 square foot custom fabrication facilities and an 11,000 square foot metal fabrication shop.

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