Chris Cote

Executive Vice President – After graduating #1 in the Accounting Department of the University of Utah and passing the CPA exams, Ms. Coté pursued a career in accounting with Cooper’s and Lybrand, C.P.A.s.

Chris Cote Being a community leader, Ms. Coté founded 1 Worldly Wise Language and Culture Organization, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, to introduce children at a young age to the treasures of different languages and cultures of the world while running her own business of Language Studies Abroad (LSA).

Childhood on a ranch in Utah gave her a deep respect and appreciation for this incredible planet on which we are so privileged to live and gave her the desire to bequeath it to our children in good condition.  Upon hearing about Mr. Langson’s innovation of the Green Machine for ElectraTherm, Ms. Coté was attracted to the company and became a Channel Account Manager where she was a winner of every sales contest at ElectraTherm.  She negotiated and managed Dealerships throughout the world.  Utilizing her accounting background, she spearheaded research on Government (US and foreign) Incentives for Green Technology, Carbon Credits and Offsets, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), etc.

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